Teen Does Amazing Good Deed For The Homeless

Teen Does Amazing Good Deed For The Homeless

Fredrick White was just trying to do something good for his fellow men when he bought several coats at a Goodwill. He never expected to have his picture taken, nor did he expect to achieve viral fame on the internet!

The 19-year-old went to the Goodwill store, rounded up a bunch of winter coats, and stepped up to the cashier. The total came to $65.

Before he even paid, Fredrick struck up a conversation with a stranger in line.

The stranger, named Jim Glasgow, was astonished when he saw all the coats in the teen’s hands. That’s when Fredrick told him the coats were for the homeless members of his community. Jim was so stunned by Fredrick’s words and his mission that when the teen went to pay, he couldn’t help snapping a photo of him.

Jim sent it to his daughter, Haley, along with Fredrick’s story.

Haley was so moved that she posted the photo on Facebook, where it quickly went viral! Fredrick got word of the picture and couldn’t believe it.

“I was at work and I was like, ‘Oh my God, they snapped a picture of me,’” he said.

Fredrick told his local news station that he had been inspired by a story he’d read online of people hanging jackets on poles and fences for the homeless.

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