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Goodspire is a media platform with a mission to educate, enlighten, and uplift the African American community. We accept content from creators that are focused on one of the four areas: Health & Wellness, Spirituality & Enlightenment, Career & Entrepreneurship, Wealth Building.


SHOW US WHAT YOU’VE GOT! We welcome independent filmmakers, video content providers, and podcasters to submit your content for review. The content must be directed/produced by a African American, or have one lead character who is African American.


We want our content providers to be successful. So, we are doing non-exclusive streaming deals, giving you the flexibility to stream your content on other networks as well.


All content that is submitted to Goodspire goes through a review process to see if it fits Goodspire’s mission and standards. We reply back to everyone who submits content. We only review video content from your online screener from a password protected location such as Vimeo.


To submit your content for review, please fill out the form below:


If your content is accepted, we will reach out to you to discuss next steps.


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