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It is always a joy when we are able to welcome bright new members into the Goodspire community.

Now, before you fill out your application, we want to just go ahead and answer some questions that we figure that you may have.

What Exactly Is Goodspire?

Goodspire is a Slack community that brings together social entreprenuers, activists, and non-profit founders to connect and engage, assisting each other with building and growing their brands. Get idea feedback, find or become a partner or mentor, and get access to valuable tools and resources.

Why Do I Have To Fill Out An Application?

Great question! But, let us ask you a question…would you let some random guy off the street into your house full of your family members? Welp, we are sure that your answer was “NO”, and that is how we feel about our Goodspire community. We have to check out every applicant with a social media screening, linkedin profile verification, and a phone interview.

Is There A Monthly Subscription Fee?

Yes. To have access to the Goodspire network of people, resources, and tools, you will be required to pay a $5.00 monthly fee. Also, by charging this fee, it is another level of security, helping to keep the integrity level of our community.

Can I Invite My Network To Join Goodspire?

Goodspire is a private network and new members can only be invited by the Administrator, after the person has completed the application process. Feel free to have your network come to and fill out the application for membership.

New Member Application

Please fill out the form completely. If you are having trouble filling out the form, please contact us at