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About Goodspire



Our mission is to become the leading global on-demand content platform that inspires our users to live a life of purpose.

Our Story

Goodspire was founded in 2014 by Jarrell Liner. After loosing his job in 2010, which started a domino effect of foreclosure, reposession, and divorce over the next year, Jarrell ended up left with nothing and living in an extended stay motel trying to make ends meet.


Although he may have lost all that he owned, he never lost faith in the purpose that he knew God had for his life. After spending months camping out at a local coffee shop searching online for resources that he could use to educate and motivate himself to start picking up the pieces of his life, he realized that the “search” was very cumbersome because there was not one central resource that he could consistently go to. This is when the light bulb went off in his head and he came up with an idea to build the platform that he knew not only he needed, but that many others needed as well. In that moment, Goodspire was born.


Goodspire was initially started as a newsletter, then grew into a daily motivational mobile app, and has now matured into a platform that brings leaders together from all over the globe and provides them access to tools, knowledge, and resources that they can use to continue walking in their purpose and changing the world in their own ways.