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The powerful Goodspire community brings social enterprise and non-profit leaders together from around the world, combining their superpowers in an effort to increase global impact. As a member, you will become a part of a special society where we share resources, wisdom, experiences, skills, and networks. We all may be working to impact the world in different ways, but we all have the same passion of grinding daily for the greater good of humanity.

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Goodspire TV will give you instant access to informational interviews, powerful mini-documentaries, enlightening lectures/courses, original series, and independent films that will inspire your spirit to move with purpose. Every week, you will get new series episodes and movies that will continue to fuel your fire for greatness. The best part is, you can watch Goodspire TV from any device!



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Making An Impact


Every month, the Goodspire team gets out in our home city of Houston, Texas and we make sure that we give back in any way that we can. We don’t just talk it, we walk it, and we love it. Feel free to join us at any of our community events, or reach out to us if you would like for us to lend a helping hand for your next community outreach event. Let’s change the world together!

Doer Day

Doer Day

Every Month we give back to our local community. Join us for Doer Day! Find out more…
Coffee & Conversation

Coffee & Conversation

Every Month we get together in our local city, Houston, and discuss social issues and solutions. Find out more…
Heart & Sole

Heart & Sole

Every Month we meet to walk and talk so that we can better our health together! Find out more…
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Let’s Help Some Little Warriors Who Never Give Up!

This month’s Goods For Good is our I FORGOT HOW TO QUIT t-shirt. This shirt represents the will that someone has to believe in themselves and to keep persevering no matter what the obstacles are. Quitting is not an option! 25% of the profits from the sale of the shirt will go towards Mended Little Hearts, a non-profit, volunteer-led program providing hope and support to children, patients and families affected by congenital heart disease

I Forgot How To Quit t-shirt – $19.00